Exclusive backstage footage of Clint Boge and Glenn Esmond of The Butterfly Effect warming up before a performance.
Peter Vox is answering your questions!

“Where do I warm up?” is one of the most common questions we receive at VSA.The answer is – ANYWHERE. I have filmed some exclusive footage of professional singers warming up before their show, and these guys are singing in the lounge and in the hallway of the venue. Do it in on your way to your class, rehearsal or show. Do it in the toilet, in the car park, in the car, on a train, in an office, rooftop, kitchen… I warmed up in all these places! And don’t be scared to warm up absolutely anywhere, if you haven’t got an exclusive dressing room.“But I don’t have time to warm up…”Yes, you do! You don’t have to designate a specific time, if your day is busy. What about all that time we spend getting places? It is imperative that you warm your voice up, so you can properly prepare your voice to give the best professional show you possibly can – when you get to your venue, and up on that stage!It is a mark of professionalism, respect for your audience, and for your own voice. Only after a good warm-up you will sound your best, and will be safe!And remember – cooling down after each show is very important for vocal health, too! After you’ve been singing, always cool down. Sing quieter, hum, maybe do some gentle exercises and scales. A good teacher will always tell you, which exercises are great for cooking down, too, or help you develop a specific cool-down routine. All my students, especially professionals, follow their warm-up/cool-down regime!Hope you enjoy this clip of THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT warming up:

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