The solution is simple! Do an online singing course!

The adventure of doing an online singing course is that you can do this anywhere anytime and do the courses at your own pace and convenience. You should be able to stream these courses on your phone, tablet or laptop anywhere you have Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

The courses should also offer you the opportunity start at your design skill level whether you are an absolute beginner or a professional singer making a full-time living in the industry. You should also be able to do the genre of music that you love whether it be rock, pop, R&B, theatre, Country. And also be able to practice the skills that you particularly want to work e.g. Expanding your vocal range, breathing, pitch, stamina, strength, control, harmonies, vocal health, stage presentation, falsetto, screaming, distortion, Twang, vocal runs and more.

1. Write down a few words about what you want to achieve from singing course. Are you a hobby singer, choir singer, professional singer, are you doing it just for fun? do you want to improve the certain section or element of your voice? Do you want classical or a contemporary course. (the difference)

2. Do your research!! There are lots of different online singing courses and programs out there out there. Some courses offer certifications and qualifications, others don’t. They are Courses run by high esteem universities others are run by private singing organisations. So choosing the right singing course for you is going to save you a lot of time, money and improve your voice quickly.

Do a lot of Research on Internet. read the reviews and testimonials, read their website and see what they can offer you. Make sure that course is going to suit your needs, Time restraints and financial budget. Make sure that you are getting value for money. And watch out for any hidden extras they may want to charge you.

If you have any questions email course Tutors or organisation.They should  Respond to you promptly and be extremely helpful. Be willing and able to answer any and all of your questions. If they are unwilling, not prepared or cannot help you out or answer your questions, do not go ahead with the course.

All courses should guarantee the services they are able to provide you with.

3. The course structure should be easy to understand and navigate. The course should give you FREE sample courses or demonstrations. The course does not offer free sample courses, do not do the course. You should be able to try before you buy and get a good feel for what the courses are like.

Now that you have sampled the free course literature and chosen your desired online singing course…

4. Sign up! The course should be easy to pay and sign up for. The course literature, videos and tutorials should be fun, easy to understand and follow. If you practice most days you should feel that you’re making steady progress and vocally improve within the first 3 to 4 weeks. If you’re not progressing contact the instructors or organisation.

There should also be regular quizzes, tests and examinations that need to pass to move through to the next section.

The bottom line is that if you are regularly practising with the correct technique you should be making steady progress in all the fundamental aspects of your voice.


I hope that this video has helped you out.  Enjoy your singing and bye for now!