This blog is about what to drink and also a couple of hints and tips about not to drink as well.
The only thing that a singer should be drinking is……. Drum roll, please!

Room temperature water! – not with ice, not hot or boiled but the room temperature water is the best thing for your voice. We don’t want you to drink any hot fluids because as you know when you get hot, your body expands the same goes with your vocal cords. We also don’t want you to have ice on the water because it’s going to make your vocal cords contracting and tighten.

Here are also some tips about other different liquids that you can drink.

Note: Everything that we’re going to mention here in moderation and it is a personal preference.

Caffeine – is not that great for you as it’s going to dehydrate your body so don’t overdo it. It’s great to drink this before the show to give you a lift or a kick but don’t overdo it.

Alcohol – the same thing as well too, it’s going to dehydrate you. Also, too much alcohol can give you a sense of confidence but that is not true. The only way for you to become a great singer is just really practising your craft relentlessly!

Fizzy drinks – don’t drink too much of this, especially when performing up on stage. If you’re moving around, these fizzy drinks might come up and you may feel like you want to burp and this is not a great feeling to have if you’re in the middle of a song phrase.

Sugary drinks – you’re going to have and leave this feeling of “stickiness” on the vocal cords and in your mouth and that may inhibit the vocal cords working together properly so please avoid fizzy and sugary drinks.

Energy drinks – are just the same as above. As I just mention, do not overdo them as they also contain caffeine.

Dairy products – do not drink these before performing as you’re just going to create some mucus and phlegm on the vocal cords. This will make it a singers nightmare if you have phlegm on the vocal cords. It makes it very hard to control your voice, pitch and key. Avoid all dairy products the day that you’re going to be singing.

Sports drinks – those carbohydrate sports drinks are very good. Especially after the show if you have been sweating. I do recommend this if you do not like the taste of the water.

Again, it’s a personal preference but the best thing is water H20 (room temperature water).

Hope that helps you out, guys!