Here’s a big secret that I am going to reveal about what professional singers do to achieve great voice… this is what we called the “last word trick”.

Always remember – “Never drift, deflate or slide on the last note or word of the phrase that you are singing”.

Choose a song and sing 100% of the line as best as you can – give your singing a big boost and sing the last word gently by training your mouth and jaw to the correct position for singing words using the “ah” vowel for a few seconds before closing the word with the last consonant. Trust me, you will sound a lot better when you practice the right mouth position for each vowel.

Shape each vowel the right way – for better singing, practice the five basic vowels “ah, eh, ee, oh, oo”. Shape your mouth properly for each vowel. You can use a mirror to keep an eye on your lip position.

Know in your mind that listeners will be judging you on the whole line by the last thing they heard.

Here’s a very good scale to help you sing the phrase or line of the song and then hold the last note out for two second which is likely to be holding the last word of the song:

Apply this scale into your songs, work on the last word of the phrase and do the last word trick! 🙂

Have fun singing!