Three (3) Quick Tips Regarding Microphone Techniques from Rients at Vox Singing Academy!

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Using a microphone allows the singer to employ various vocal effects to enhance a recording or performance so here are the 3 quick tips from our singing teacher – Rients!

Direction of the mic – So, if the direction of the sound does not go straight into the microphone, it’s not getting picked up. The best direction for your microphone is straight in front of your mouth or slightly below and angled up towards your mouth.

No cupping – we don’t want to cup it. This makes the sound muffled, sound of the person will not sound good. But if you put the microphone straight, it gives a nice, clear, tone, beautiful sound.

Distance – do not hold your microphone too close or too far from your mouth. Close as you can but don’t let it move or messed up your lips too much, but just close as you can. If you’re going to sound really loudly, pull it back down that a little bit, otherwise during normal singing, hold your microphone no closer than 2 to 3 inches from your mouth.

So go, have fun and practice these essential microphone technique for all singers with a desire to perform on stage!

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