Essential Breathing Techniques for Advanced Singers

Essential Breathing Techniques for Advanced Singers – This is designed for experienced singers who wish to take their breathing techniques, support, control, vibrato, power and projection to the next level. An absolute must for the advanced singer!

Essential Breathing Techniques For Advanced Singers includes advanced vocal breath control scales (VBC) which are designed to focus on improving your control, vocal stamina, projection, support, lung capacity, vocal endurance, and vibrato.

These breathing techniques will strengthen your diaphragm and stomach muscles to enable you to correctly use your breathing to ensure precise execution of vocal techniques.

This course also contains an important bonus segment titled “The Science of Breathing” which will enable you to understand exactly how breathing works in all songs and how to breath correctly at all times.

All exercises and instructions are done with vocal health and safety as a priority.

We recommend that if you are new to singing or your voice needs improvement that you start with the Beginner or Intermediate course. Please see our Full Course section for more information.

Total Duration 36 minutes
Scales Duration 10 minutes

$7.95 per Month