“Practice makes perfect” – I am sure that most of us have heard this generally known motto, right?

In this article, we have some tips here for you on how to effectively practice and establish some healthy singing habits because just like instruments that needs to be tuned properly, our singing voices need or require the same care and conservation.

You have to start to be great – starting can be the hardest thing about practicing. Heaps of procrastination and excuses gets along the way but here’s the easiest way to practice – make a routine. Set up a time and stick to your goal, you can use a calendar, your diary or set an alarm.

Find your perfect practice space – Where is the place where you feel inspired to practice? Find a room where you feel confident to sing your heart out. It is good if you have a piano, guitar or other instruments in your space so you can play notes on your instrument. You will need a mirror to check out your alignment, your song book and of course a room temperature water to keep you hydrated.

How long should you practice? – This one may vary and will depend on your level of commitment. We advise singers to do scales for at least 15 to 30 minutes. You can sing between 30 mins to an hour as it is quite a good length for a practice session. Practicing for five to six days a week can be your goal if you wanted ideal results… consistency is the key!

Focus – Concentrate on your practice sessions and take it seriously. Always make sure that you are in the right mindset to reach a great and wonderful practice session. What are your target goals? Focus on those!

Warm up – Start all of your practice sessions with a good warm up. Just like you begin a work out at the gym with some good light cardio and stretching, do the same process with your singing practice to prevent injuries. Another good tip is record your singing lessons because in that way, you’ll know accurately what keys or pitch to sing in and you will be able to set all your concentration on your own vocal technique.


Think positive! – I encourage you to keep up a positive attitude. Great singing cannot be achieve in just a blink of an eye, it takes time, effort and hard work. At times, you may feel vulnerable and want to give up but the prize far outweigh the challenges you might be having. Having a great singing voice do not happen overnight and they require regular good practice. Persistence, passion and your love for singing are the most important elements in learning how to sing great so keep pushing… keep practicing.

Empower Your Voice!

Team VSA