Straight from last week’s blog, today we’ll talk about determination and maintaining a strong foundation of your band.

Here’s a blog interview of one of the VSA’s great singing teacher Rients Vox. With the members of his band “Renelophus“, he decided to step back and evaluate the success and performance of his band to date.

So… how was the performance of the band before that performed to sell-out Melbourne show?

Rients: “Having played in bands before that performed to sell-out Melbourne shows and supported some of Australia’s biggest acts, I am hungry to arrive to that position again with Renelophus and go beyond that place.
A year after our first promoted gig. We find our selves frustrated. Now having an amazing set of songs and a killer tight live act, it’s time to show it to those in the industry that really matter. It’s time play to an audience that expands further than our extremely supportive friends, family, other young bands and that extremely drunk guy who seems to come complimentary with each bar we play.”

Is Renelophus happy with the current direction?

Rients: “Probably not as much as we could be.Rehearsals were mostly a drag, our Facebook messages were a train wreck, members were clashing, and I was not dealing well with running the management of the band essentially on my own.
Thankfully I have some very proactive women in my band that don’t just accept unhappiness and disorder.
Our first compulsory band meeting was held. We had an experienced professional mediate. It was very awkward and yet highly insightful. It was a chance for every one to get in touch with what direction we each envisaged. The Elephant in the room was let out to play and it trampled some of us almost to death.”

How did you and the band learn from that experience?

Rients: “Shortly after It became very obvious who couldn’t stand who, who should or shouldn’t be involved in certain management tasks, how rehearsals should be run and how we should communicate to each other.
I had to say goodbye to a friend and band mate who had been so integral to the band in someways and yet devastating in others. That is one of the most horrible experiences I’ve had to endure. But…. As a small seedling pops though the dirt, we can now climb to the sky. We have a strong foundation of people who love spending time with each other. Who love working with each other. Those members are the ones that get to choose where this project goes and what it does. And it’s ok to have other members that are more distant, as long as they don’t get in the way of the core group’s happiness and professional trajectory. It’s important to try to understand how much each member is invested and to never expect that someone will change. Knowing these things can help us make the best decisions in a team.

I called it a shake up and we needed it. It can be applied to anything in life really. Take a step back!


So that’s it guys!
It will take hard work, dedication, time and creativity to get your music band going.

Nothing guarrantees success but if you bring out the best in everyone and focusing on the positive, success will come your way.