What exercises improve chest voice, falsetto, and blending them?

First and foremost, with all of my students that attend my lessons, I give them individual scales for every part of their voice. If we want to work on chest voice, we’ll just work on chest voice scales. If we want to work on falsetto voice scales. If they want to blend the voice, I work on mixed or blended voice scale. Here is the scale for mixed or blended voice:

This will help you mixed your lower chest voice with your higher falsetto to blend it into a true voice. I also have 5-minute singer segment regarding falsetto:

Feel free to practice this scale and enter and exit when you feel comfortable and uncomfortable towards the top and do your best on that and if there are any problems, please let me know. I also have some segments with chest voice where I do a lot of scales in chest voice. I recommend learning how to do a crying scale before you go and do mixed or blended voice. Also remember that the crying technique and the mixed or blended technique is a very advanced technique and not an easy technique to practice straight away especially if you’re a beginner so I recommend to get the basics down firstly:

Another good point to remember is practice makes perfect. Whatever you want to do to in your life (repetition) the more you do it, the better that you will become. Also accept what your voice is, work with what you have got and do the best that you can with what you have got. Remember that your voice is a muscle, you are an athlete and you got to train it so do the scales, practice, do your songs and to prevent harm to your voice, technique is very important. If you have no singing lessons, it is very important that you possibly get some singing lessons to make sure that you are going to a quality teacher that is going to guide you and make sure that your technique is correct.

I tell all of my students that is quality over quantity to do with practice so you really have to practice correctly and going to sing correctly and just do the best that you can!