Harmony is when two or more notes are played or sung simultaneously. Everyone has heard two or more voices at once – the lead and the backing vocals, whether it’s a pop, RnB, metal, indie, jazz or classical piece. Absolutely any genre, really! Please, watch the video below to  learn from our master teachers Peter and Fabio, who will give you some examples and free vocal exercises to add excitement and color to your singing:


Peter: I’ll be singing the lead line of HELP by THE BEATLES, and Fabio will be showing you some various vowel harmonies through this song.

  • DEMO 1: Fabio sings the first note of the chord (A)
  • DEMO 2: Fabio sings some different vowels and show you an example of the third note of the chord
  • DEMO 3: Fabio sings an example of fifth note of the chord
  • There are audio examples of Fabio’s vowel harmony recording at the end of the video, which will help you practice and improve your vowel harmony singing ability.

Most important note – always practice and listen to the chords to get the right pitch/each coordination and execution of the vocal sound. Vocal harmonies are considered an art forms in and of  themselves. It is just as much about your ear and attentive listening as it is about your voice.

Singing in harmonies can be challenging and will require a lot of practice. One thing you can do also is just to experiment on different melodies – you can try both vowel and lyric harmonies. Don’t be scared to sing any notes you want and find out which suits your song the best.

So go ahead, find someone to practice along with, and that should help you in your quest to harmonious greatness 🙂

Have fun singing!