What is the single most important thing for a singer? Learning how to sing on pitch. Every single note, high or low, has to be the right one.

So what can you do if you have problems singing on pitch? If you want to become great at singing in tune, then pay attention to the tips we’re about to give you.

Singing in the correct key comes down to four points:

1. Tone deafness is a very misunderstood concept – many people may have difficulty in singing in the right key at all, while others may consider themselves “tone deaf”. For a hearing person, tone deafness is a very wrong idea. Many of those who consider themselves tone deaf definitely do have the basic pitch discrimination ability, that is necessary to distinguish between notes. As anybody else, they can also enjoy music and recognize melody – they just need enough musical training.

2. It’s a matter of song choices – pick up songs that works best for your voice, and start building up your singing repertoire. Keeping a list of songs + keys they are in is a good idea.

3. Sing with the original artist – analyse, learn and apply voice techniques they are using. In 90% of contemporary songs it would be chest voice for low notes, falsetto for high notes, and vocal cry for powerful big notes. Remember to breathe, because not having enough breath support will result in flat (lower) notes. Use the original singer’s techniques as a guide to help you sing in the right key and on pitch

4. Figure out when you’re in tune, and when you’re not – you can do this by simply recording yourself singing. Sounds really simple, right? But trust me, it is so powerful! You can do this by playing a random note on any instrument, and once you’ve heard the note – try to sing it perfectly on pitch. If you think you’ve got the tune correctly, hit another note and sing it as well. Try doing this for five minutes, then play the recording and have a listen to it. When you absolutely hear yourself come in and out of pitch, you will be able to figure out where the problem is, and how you can get it right.

As you work through these processes, always remember that learning how to sing on pitch requires a lot of practice and dedication. Once you get past this scary thought of whether you’re in tune or not, singing is the most wonderful way to express yourself, so have fun!