One of the most commonly asked questions so far is “I want to sing higher in my true voice, not in falsetto. I can sing high in falsetto but not in my true voice”.

Here are some hints to help you sing up high in true voice

The one big secret that you need to do is…….CRY!

You need to cry – You’ve heard a lot of your favourite singers “cry” whoever they may be. (E.g. Adele, Freddie Mercury, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars). These artists are using a “crying technique or a sobbing sound within the scales and songs when singing higher” to sing very high in true voice not in falsetto and not “Belt”.

There are two ways that you can sing up high… You can “Belt” or you can “Cry”.

Belting is basically a nice word for yelling. Belting is a dry sound that rock singers use a lot, there’s actually nothing wrong with it if you like the sound and as long as you’re not hurting your voice.

Sob/Crying is to sing up high in true voice with less energy but with more technique. This is the technique that you have to use to sing up higher… so start to sob. (please refer to the scale that is demonstrated and played Peter Vox on our YouTube channel The 5 Minute Singer with the same title as this blog)

Singing up higher or using this crying technique is a slightly more risky or a dangerous way of singing (but a lot safer then belting) then singing comfortably in the middle or lower of your range. Crying or singing up higher in your high range is equivalent to sprinting as a runner.Please make sure that when you were doing this crying technique within scales and songs that you are raising up or sliding to the first note and not attacking the note. If you attack the first note you may hurt your voice or cause vocal damage.

Take a proper diaphragmatic breath – firm up your diaphragm and tight it up about 60% on this first very top note that you’re going to hit. Keep your neck relaxed and smile a little. Keep your sounds coming forward. It is also a good idea that when you’re singing up higher in your register to aim your sounds to the lower front teeth so that you do not sound nasally.

If you get this technique down with proper diaphragmatic breathing whatever voice range you have, (Base, Tenor, Baritone, Soprano, Contralto or Alto) you will be able to sing up higher with greater ease. I guarantee you, if you use this “crying technique” you will be able to sing an octave higher than what you can currently now in true voice.

Please check it out the playlist of free video tutorials on how to sing high on The 5 Minute Singer – ASK VSA YouTube channel here….

Have fun singing!

Thanks for reading!

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