What makes singing melodies fun, more beautiful and interesting? It’s by singing in harmony, especially when the melody is very familiar. Harmony is what you hear when two or more notes are played or sung at the same time. Three notes from a triad which is the basic type of chord you’ll learn when you first start to play piano or guitar.

There are two basic chords to any song – chords played by instrument and a melody which is usually sung. The notes that make up the melody usually comes from the notes within the accompanying chord so to sing a harmony, you get to choose from the remaining notes in the chord that are not already taken by the melody.

Now as a beginner, we are here to help you and give you the easiest way on how to sing harmony 🙂

First, train your ears – If you are to sing harmonies, but you find that you always seem to sing whatever the other singer is singing and you find it hard to stick to your note, then the thing that you need to do is train your ears.

Click on this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGt7zb9VH8E – this might help 🙂

Keep it simple – take a basic chord and chop it down to each of the notes, you will then be able to learn how to harmonize a note within a chord. Find a simple song that is good to start with, make sure that it is “harmony friendly”.

Sing a note in the chord – it will always be safe to sing of the notes in the chord you choose that is being sung or played. For example, if someone is singing a “C” and the chord is C Major (C – E – G) then it would be sweet-sounding if you sing E or G. 

Practice, Practice, Practice – singing in harmony is a skill to practice. Think about the fact that you are singing with someone so try to make your voice blend as well. Keep the same volume, same space like breathing at the same time and working together. Sing together, that’s a vital key when singing harmony.


Get your friends in, get your band mates and start doing harmonies! Have fun!