I’ve been receiving a lot of correspondents and I have chosen the most asked questions this month. “How can I have more control with of my voice?”

Firstly, let’s talk about “control”.

There are 2 issues to do with control when singing:

1. Moving between notes (which we are going to talk about on this blog) and
2. Holding notes for control

Moving between notes when you’re singing – it is always happening because that’s what we do as a singer. We’re going/singing for one note to the next and this is called a “melody”. So when you’re singing, you need precise control when you are going from note to note. The most important part of control is to ensure that you landing precisely on top of every note that you are singing or going to.

Here’s the two BIG tips to help you out when you are learning your song:

If you want to be really tight and precise in the melody you need to “na-na-na” to the song firstly before you learn the words – This will greatly help you out, practice it and I guarantee you that this will help you become a lot tighter singer. Then after you have got the melody down and sing the lyric over the top.

When you are doing scales – do some scales that will going to move you around(refer to our video with this title our 5 minute Singer YouTube channel). Great exercise is to sing numbers through the scales or exercises. Because singing on the vowel will soften the note attack while with numbers, it will be more dynamic for more punchier soul/rock songs and it will also greatly help you with your articulation, pronunciation and diction. The scale on our YouTube channel will greatly help you out with your control when you are going from note to note when you sing.

Take these tips away but listening up to the chords and hear the melody in the song that you’re going to sing and landing on those notes precisely is the key for you to greatly improve your singing and control.

Thanks for reading guys, I really appreciate it!

Enjoy your singing!!