Now that you have honed your singing abilities, you may want to put together or form your own live band. This may not be easy, but let us give you some idea and tips to help you start and get you create a band of your own! Here’s how:

Know what you want and who you need  – When choosing band mates it’s important to be true and honest to your self no matter how politically incorrect that may be. You have to be sure that your own members of the band will allow you to choose players with the abilities you desire and mates that you believe you will have chemistry with.

Look for the muso’s! – search and place adverts in all of the musician search websites you know of. i.e. Melband, Bandmix, Rockstar Hookups and StarNow are some of them. 🙂

Join social media groups – who are focusing on finding band mates. Make sure you are not only placing adds up, but searching through adds already placed. Don’t just put up your own add and expect people to come to you. You can also join social media groups made for instrumentalists alone. Then scroll though their members, researching and contacting who ever may suit the role.


In the end, success relies on persistence and our ability to come back from failure.

Hope that this has helped you out! 🙂