Here is Part 2 of Get The Best Results When Recording Vocals! Blog. Amazing singing teacher, multi-instrumentalist, recording producer and engineer Rients Vox and principal teacher – director of Vox Singing Academy Peter Vox discuss how to get the best vocal recording results in your home studio. Read part two of the blog here:

PETER: What’s your favorite drink Rients?

RIENTS: I love Gin and juice? I love the Tanqueray, apple juice freshly squeezed and organic lime?

PETER: Wow excellent, that’s a good one. Favorite colour Rients?

RIENTS: Blue and Green, I’m a fiery guy and I think inside and it chills me out.

PETER: Wow very good. Your favorite personal item Rients?

RIENTS: The most important object to me is my studio set up, my computer.

PETER: Wow good, favorite gadget you just can’t live without?

RIENTS: Again, I’ll have to say my computer. My interface, my mic… that’s what I really need the most in life when it comes to objects.

PETER: That’s great! What star signs are you Rients?

RIENTS: Aries.

PETER: Aries? So you just have your birthday then? Oh Happy birthday!

RIENTS: Awww, thank you.

PETER: We all know that Aries is a fire sign… what are they? They’re God of War, that’s meant to be the most powerful star sign. I didn’t know you were Aries Rients!

How about your idol?

RIENTS: I don’t really know enough about someone for them to be my idol, I would say Sia probably at the moment because I followed her little bit throughout her career and at the moment, she’s like at the top of like the food chain musically, like she’s releasing hits after hit and writing for the biggest artists. She’s great!

PETER: Rients, if you could have a dinner party and invite any two famous people, who would they be and why? I like these questions…

RIENTS: Yeah it’s so hard though! I find it hard to think of someone that would… I think I would just sit there and go…I don’t know. But I have to say Bjork and Sia probably.

PETER: Wow! There we go and maybe we could quickly just step into the studio for half an hour see what we can come up with. That would be amazing you three together.

RIENTS: (laughing) yeah and let’s see what happens.

PETER: Do you have a celebrity crush, Rients?

RIENTS: Back in the day it was probably Gwen Stefani. Just A Girl. That was such a cool film and I was like “Arrrgggh my Goooood” she’s a strong woman and singing about how ridiculous the saying “Just a Girl” is.

PETER: I heard that album is about breaking up with the member in her band as well too.

RIENTS: I am not sure…

PETER: But yeah that’s great. How about your favorite leisure activity or hobby besides singing?

RIENTS: I like going to the beach. I like beach and the bush, hanging out with friends in the beach and the bush,

PETER: Do you have a personal motto that you live by? And if so, what is it?

RIENTS: Just the usual, sort of like “follow your heart” and “do the things that are of most love” essentially. Ask yourself, “is that the most loving thing to do?” and sometimes it is the hardest thing to do but yeah, that sort of thing.

PETER: Your best or fondest memory?

RIENTS: I really have fond memories of growing up just after leaving home going into share-housing with some really amazing people over the years. So the old Hepburn house and 945 Park street and back in Caulfield as well, it just shaped me in such a good way with all ideas bouncing around… yeah those memories are really cool.

PETER: Your biggest life changing moment Rients?

RIENTS: Okay, definitely the birth of my son. Obviously.

PETER: Yeah it was a big thing for me too… having children. Your most embarrassing moment Rients?

RIENTS: I have kind of repressed that I guess? Because I can’t think of anything, when I think of that, I just can’t come up with anything. So like maybe young child walking into the wrong person’s house or… I don’t know.

PETER: Yeah, favorite travel destination? Philippines?

RIENTS: Philippines is amazing! Also into Fiji, Thailand and to Cambodia and all over Australia but you know as long as your with friends or with good family on the beach and the bush, good music, you know? One specific place I don’t know… it’s more about the people.

PETER: Yeah. Do you have a sport that you watch Rients?

RIENTS: No, not anymore. I used to watch 90’s NBA

PETER: is that American Basketball?

RIENTS: Yeah I used to watch that a lot back in Jordan Era but no longer.

PETER: Your opinion about the state of the world, Rients?

RIENTS: It’s spherical. I would say, it’s sort of a sphere… (laugh) I don’t know.

PETER: Are you optimistic about the future of the state of the world?

RIENTS: Yeah more than pessimistic, I am optimistic.

PETER: Things have changed a lot Rients in the last 10 years. Especially with technology… the last 10 years has been crazy with what’s going to happen in the world.

Okay! One thing that you think that you can make the world a better place?

RIENTS: Empathy. It’s thinking about putting yourself in other people’s shoes. It’s not actually feeling other people’s pain but just thinking about “where is this person from? Why are they saying this?” “ok, this probably might have happened to them, alright so this is why they have this world view. Instead of “Oh, they’re wrong, they’re terrible and hating them”. Just loving each other and just trying to work out why they are saying something you didn’t agree with.

PETER: That’s a very difficult thing though Rients but it’s a great thing because everyone has got their own journey and they’ve been through whatever they’ve been and you don’t know what they’ve been through, you don’t know what their journey is. So, it’s a tough one.

RIENTS: With empathy then you have a small amount of chance of combining with someone and maybe together, coming to more of an understanding but with hate, you just get separated.

PETER: Do you have a charity or an organization or something that is close to your heart that you would like to mention or plug?

RIENTS: No, I don’t feel rich enough to think about charities at the moment but you know, if someone needs help, help them.

PETER: Anything else? Any last words you would like to share to the viewers, Rients?

RIENTS: I should just probably say that, a bit recently and generally throughout classes I’ve been hearing a lot of people are saying “Oh, I wish I would have done this” years ago, or you know, decades ago. I thought I should bring that up and say, you know I felt the same way when I started with Vox Music. I was like, why didn’t I do this when I first saw the posters.

So I urge people to go and do whatever they have been thinking that they want to do.

PETER: It doesn’t matter how old you are

RIENTS: it doesn’t matter what it is or how old you are

PETER: Yeah just go and chase your dreams and be happy whatever you’re doing even if it’s not going to make money or whatever it is, as long as you’re happy doing it.