Australian progressive rock band Closure in Moscow are from Melbourne, Victoria and formed in 2006. Known for their stellar live performances and avant grant sound, Closure in Moscow set the Australian and the international alternative rock scene on fire in 2009 to 2010.  They received massive air play on Triple J with their hit single Sweet#hart (First Temple 2009), played at the Warp Tour, SXSW, Homebake, and toured the US.

There’s no doubt that their music has created dieharde fans world-wide from Australia to Japan, and right across the USA and Europe/UK.

The group consists of lead singer Christopher de Cinque, lead guitarist Michael Barrett, guitarist-singer Mansur Zennelli,  drummer Salvatore Aidone and bass player Duncan Millar.

“I recommend Peter/Vox Singing School to everyone who is serious about singing and to those who want the tools to explore what they can do without damaging their voice, especially those singing extreme metal. Given the right techniques, professional advice, training and groundwork, lessons were instrumental in helping me perform night after night when Alarum played 34 shows across the USA on the Necrophagist / Carving North America’s Epitaph tour 2006.”

Christopher De Cinque – Closure In Moscow (Warner Bros./Equal Vision Records)