As singers, we would all love to have the ability to sing higher or lower songs, and powering through the entire reach of our vocal range. The average voice should be able to sing two octaves in true voice, minimum, and at least three octaves including the falsetto range. But time after time again, hitting those notes easily has proven to be a difficult thing to achieve.

So what can you do to expand your range?

· Regular practice
· Correct techniques
· Diverse skills

You’ll need to develop all of that, probably, with a great singing teacher to help you sing higher or lower, for longer, safely.

If you feel that your range is smaller than that, and you should be able to sing more notes, remember — your voice is a muscle, and whatever you wanted to do, you’ve got to train this skill correctly. Again, singers are athletes, and must approach their expertise with the same mindset — gradual training, starting with medium effort and good technique. Consistency is key!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re 6 or 76. If your voice is in good condition, and you are practicing most days of the week, you should feel improvement with the right techniques. So, get in touch with the best singing teacher you can find, and good luck on your journey to a strong and confident tone, no matter what note you need to hit! 🙂

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