Are you often running out of breath when singing? Struggling to finish long phrases, and to hold long impressive notes with confidence? I am here to help you get rid of those problems, and the main thing here to improve is VOCAL BREATHING.

Ask yourself: do you know how to breathe? Well, definitely, or else you wouldn’t be alive! You breathe 24/7 naturally even without thinking about it. So, how strange is it that we, as singers, need to learn from scratch or re-learn how to consciously breathe with our diaphragm to sing properly? Quite a lot of people that come into singing lessons with me – probably, about 15-20% – have to start with breathing techniques.

There are only two reasons you might be running out breath:

1. Pushing through too much air – some think that when they sing, they need a big amount of air. The big thing is gauging the right amount of air that you are expelling. And when we sing, we have to have breath pressure underneath the vocal cords, and that is supported from your diaphragm and adjacent muscles. So, breathe from your diaphragm, support right amount of air underneath your vocal cords, and don’t push through too much air because that’s going to create two things:

· Your voice will be airy
· You’ve got a chance of cracking

If your voice cracks, it’s only for one of the two reasons:

· Pushing through too much air
· Not enough core support

So, what I suggest is – don’t push through too much air. Try to sing dry. When I say “sing dry” what I meant is not exhaling too much air, and pronounce without too much “Hhhh”.

2. You may not be breathing properly – you may be taking a very shallow breath through your bronchial tubes, which fills only the top of your lungs. That’s actually 10% of the breath that we recommend at Vox Singing Academy. So, you do need to get lessons, and we have some free YouTube tutorials to help you. So, breathe diaphragmatically, this is where 90% of your air should be stored when singing.

Hope this has helped you out! You can submit more questions via any of our social media listed below, we’ll be happy to answer any singing questions you have.

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