So, you are a good singer, your voice is beautiful, your emotions run high through your songs – but a mere thought of performing in front of someone else, on stage, is giving you severe anxiety?

We all have been through this, and have found a very good working strategy! There are two points to overcoming and building confidence in singing:

  1. Having confidence in your vocal abilities.
  2. Performing in front of people or up on stage.

Learn songs – learn them to 110%, whether they are your original music, or covers. Original songs are a bit easier to learn – you have a story to tell, and you wrote it! Cover versions need specific attention, because there will always be someone in the audience who also loves and knows the song inside out!

Get some lessons – make sure that you’ve got the vocal ability to sing the highest note, the lowest note, and all the notes in between! Get some lessons and do vocal exercises to be absolutely confident that you can hit every single note in the songs.

Record yourself – hear yourself, analyse, fix. If you’re not doing some things right, struggling with anything – take them to your teacher. Whatever it is, do whatever it takes to improve it, keep recording yourself, until you have reached that 110% confidence level singing in your room, alone, with that one particular song.

Invite one person to hear you sing – once you have done all of the preparation steps, are 110% confident in your vocal abilities, and can sing the song – you may want to invite one person, firstly, to come in and hear you. Make sure that this person is someone you’re feeling comfortable with and safe, i.e. Mum or Dad, close friend, or someone that’s going to give you encouragement and constructive feedback, if need be. Sing in front of that person, and try to increase that gradually to two, three, four people – as many people as you can get in the room. This will sooner or later help you up on stage.

Take your singing to the public – go to karaoke and sing one song. I’d probably suggest to go into karaoke place where you don’t know anyone else. So, they don’t know you, you don’t know them, push through your anxiety and go up and do your thing. If you’re building confidence, then go sing a couple of songs. Afterwards, you can also go to open mic nights, where they will let you do 4-6 songs in a row, generally.

Practice introducing yourself. Another tip that I can give you is – while practicing at home, before singing your song make sure that you’re also practicing introducing yourself, i.e.: “Hello, this is ________, and I am going to be singing ______ song tonight.” After the performance, say “thank you”, too.


Believe in yourself and chase your dreams – once you’ve accomplished all of that, you need to chase your dreams! Be persistent, be curious, always be the hardest worker in the room! Put your time in. Giving up is not an option! Whether that’d be writing your own songs, being in a band, doing theatre, or whatever else you want to do with your life. Chase your dreams and believe in yourself!

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