See what actually takes place in one of Australia’s most renowned and sought after singing teachers Peter Vox. No editing, no auto tune, no script just naturally doing what he does best! In this lesson Peter Vox demonstrates vocal coaching by answering various questions regarding singing, his voice and how to get the best out of it. Some the questions answers and covered are how to use the right amount of air, using true voice in the different vocal registers, using different volumes/light and shade within songs, how to properly use your diaphragm when breathing, when to use strength and power in a song and when not to, explaining the difference between true voice, head voice and falsetto, control and runs/trills, practically demonstrating the basketball diaphoretic breathing techniques. Then finishing the lesson with four different vocal scale exercises. The art vowel scale, a run/trill scale, a falsetto scale and finishing up with a crying scale to expand and strengthen the higher range.
Song examples that are used in this lesson are
Grenade by Bruno Mars
Lay me down by Sam Smith
Let it be by the Beatles

Watch here

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